tAD perryMAN

Dallas, Texas

Working in the world of ADVERTISING but consider every part of business that can be affected when a consumer makes a decision to engage. Whether intentionally seeking a product or simply going about their day and encountering "brands." Having complete consideration of the consumer engagement, business has a better chance of succeeding.

Global to local, traditional to emerging - I've had the opportunity to perfect advertising and marketing that gets consumers to take action. Be it; talk about your brand, buy your brand or experience your brand, all levels of engagement are what make it a brand. Being a part of the conversation and interaction taking place with consumers is what makes it truly marketing today.

I can help take your brand, service or product to a new level of engagement.

Follow, connect and let's talk about a world where
"the Consumer gets ALL the vote."
While my name is Tad Perryman, my Handle to find me across the web is:

TADvertising - Curious Innovator, Creator, Marketer and Ad Man.

  • Education
    • Oklahoma City University
    • Northwestern University