Dr. Luca Falace

Automatic Translator: Italian-English

Luca Falace born in Italy, December 15, 1970 Graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the Contemporary Art History, Already In His thesis in Cultural Anthropology on the Phenomenon of divination, highlights the report and the origins of this Phenomenon through the symbolism the art research of myth. For over a decade he is engaged in the Anthropological Study of the origins of Art. His works of art have been published on national television networks, newspapers and magazines, and he test deeper meaning of the archetypal concept of art: mythical and symbolic. After having taught, art history in high school, he began His books to publish. The various activities over the years distinguished his multifaceted personality: he has taught art history, has created an endless number of works of art, Which are present in the catalogs, in the museums of Italian national, has created musical works, he has written and published over a dozen books, he has worked as a designer of industrial products, and is the inventor of machinery for the welfare of the human body. For over a decade has engaged in mediation of contracts in the field of Patents Industrials brokerage owned by the family.