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“Fashion is not something that exists only in dresses. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” — Coco Chanel

ABOUT THREADS: In the U.S. alone, the garment industry is a $325 billion dollar marketplace driven by celebrity designers, larger than life runway shows and plastic surgery enhanced supermodels—all designed to sell “must have” trends to fashion tastemakers, the media and eager consumers.

Underneath its glitzy pop culture veneer, the industry has a dark side. Mass production of the latest trends comes at a high cost to people and the planet: toxic dyes and pesticides pollute our rivers and streams, and child laborers create cheap, disposable garments under inhumane sweatshop conditions.

THREADS highlights the designers, trends and brands on the front lines of the ethical fashion movement. From the use of renewable, eco-friendly materials to creative fair trade partnerships that empower third world artisans, THREADS bridges the gap between style and conscience.

THREADS’ Format: A 13-week, half hour (22:30) HD TV series riding the throbbing pulse of the conscious fashion movement worldwide. Shooting exclusively on location from the tents of Paris Fashion Week to the colorful looms of indigenous Peru, THREADS engages viewers with a smart reporting style and a tactile aesthetic. THREADS is hosted by dynamic TV personality Bianca Alexander, an EMMY-award winning journalist, eco-fashionista and the host of Conscious Living TV.

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