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TNG Visual Effects provides 3D scanning as a service. 3D scanning is the process of digitally capturing a person, object, vehicle, building, or environment for the use in visual effects throughout the entertainment industry or for 3d printing.

With over 10 years of experience in the 3D scanning industry, we have honed our technique in 3D scanning along with working with production crews on-set and in-studio. Our service includes a professional photo shoot, which is necessary for both color textures and reference to ensure accuracy of the real-life counterpart.

We are highly portable and provide an efficient and affordable service. Our headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, and our satellite locations are in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Lafayette, Louisiana with new offices opening in Toronto, Montreal, and New York.

As we are veterans in this industry, we understand short time-frames and tight budgets.

The data we provide in our full service is retopoligized color textured 3d models in .OBJ format with displacement maps and normal maps, which are generated through the scan data for more accurate results. Other maps are available on request, and at any dimensions you may need (even 8k).

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