Tana H. Barrueta

Food Science PhD Student in Davis, California

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Wearing a lab coat since 2013. Probiotics lover.

Founder of Fitnut.mx where we innovate with peanuts to bring you healthier and tastier food products, with a strong foundation in nutritional quality and sustainability.


• M.S. in Food Science and Technology
(UAQ, Mexico; 2019)
Worked in the development of a ready-to-drink probiotic green tea. Skilled in sensory shelf-life analysis and sensory profiling, starch technologies, microencapsulation through spray drying, and advanced statistical techniques for data analysis and interpretation.

• B.S. in Biotechnology Engineering
(UADY, Mexico; 2017)
Experienced in solid-state fermentation and production of fungal enzymes using agroindustrial waste.



  • Work
    • University of California
  • Education
    • Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
    • Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán