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Significant Expertise!
>> Wills & Testaments Affidavits Drafting

>> State Civil-Law Notary Public | Oath Commissioners & Commissioned Signing Agents

>> Domicile / PRC / Documentation / Attestation / Property Registration & Mutations / NADRA & UC Certifications

>> Structured Probate Assets Execution / Estates & Business Succession Planning & Letter Of Administration Management

At Tax mitigation, both at home & abroad, we can also assist with M&A due diligence & planning, company restructuring, transfer of intellectual property, as well as other issues entrepreneurs may face on a daily basis such as Withholding Tax, Foreign Tax Credits, Transfer Pricing & International Tax Issues. Mergers & Acquisitions, Transaction Tax, Reorganizations, Structured Finance & Restructurings.

Our Personalized Solution – "Your Tax Advisory Retainers"

The constantly evolving tax landscape can be a serious burden on the Corporate environment. All business industries continue to be faced with the growing complexities of changing tax laws & regulations.

As we get closer to the upcoming tax season, no doubt there will be a growing need for hands-on income tax training. Reading about taxes out of a book is a lot different than doing taxes in real life! As a tax preparer, you need to know tax law, but you also need to know how to use tax software, how to interact with tax clients productively & how to get more tax clients including how to market your new business.

For unsettled industry issues arising from the amendments, we intend to separately approach the respective industries. In today's tax preparation industry, we might venture to say that it is as necessary to know how to use tax software as it is to know the tax laws.

"We Strictly Uphold The Attorney-Client Privileges"

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