Teen Challenge of New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Since 1984, Teen Challenge of New Mexico has provided adolescent females facing life challenges with the support and guidance they need to live a fulfilling life. At Teen Challenge of New Mexico, young people stay in a homelike atmosphere while completing in approximately 18- to 24-months.Through its curriculum, youth learn about how to live a Christian life, as well as participate in computer, music, etiquette, and physical education classes.

Once young people have settled into their new living environment, they attend classes at an accredited school, Lighthouse Christian Academy, where they pursue a high school diploma. In addition, students work with trainers from CLASSEMINARS, Inc., to identify their personal strengths, strengthen their spiritual lives, and consider future career directions. Students also take part in enjoyable recreational activities and outings, including horseback riding and sightseeing trips.

Throughout their stay, parents are in close contact with their children through regular phone calls and visits. Students also receive specific training centered on the importance of developing strong relationships with family members and others.