Angel Hernandez

I'm Angel, I'm 23 I have lived in Florida most of my life. My main interests are Computers, Music, Art, and Photography.

I intend to make my living with computers, working on them and teaching people how to use and understand them, I made a tactical decision to drop out of school in 11th grade, since then it has been hard for me to get back to school to complete my GED but I am determined and willing to get it no matter what. I have never had any enemies that I can remember, I have always been easy to get along with and i tend to make friends fast and keep them forever.

I'm a big video game player, I've played things from Call Of Duty to World Of Warcraft. My favorite games are the ones that really put you In the story and really try to make you a part of It , games like Mass Effect, Fallout, and Knights Of the Old Republic. I can keep up In any FPS but the one genre of games that I stand out from the rest In Is Racing Games, Gran Turismo, Forza, F1, hell even Mario Kart lol I enjoy board games as well Cranium, Apples To Apples, and I can make a game of Monopoly last 4 hours!

I am a huge Sci-fi nerd; Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate..the list goes on.

The major goal that I want to accomplish Is go back to school, get my GED and either get my bachelors or associates In Digital Arts and Media, or Information Technology. As well as get my Microsoft Certification, and after that get my small business license and open my own computer repair shop.

On the side I run my own website where I showcase my 3D artwork. I was the Art Director for one of the biggest mods for Star Trek Legacy, and I am a modder for Star Trek Bridge Commander, and Starfleet Command.