Terje Sandstrom

Geek in Asker, Norway

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Terje has been a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP since 2009. Most of his work is on advising developers, architects, project managers and testers, in larger companies. He is interested in all aspects of software development, even though coding principles are a favourite.

Terje have worked with professional and industrial design and development for far more years, than he want to remember, moving gradually from electronic design over to software design. He holds a M.Sc in Physics from the University in Oslo, graduating with a mixture of physics and informatics/software.

Terje has programmed in a lot of different languages, but is very fond of the object oriented ones, from his early exposure to Simula at the university. He is very interested in the theoretical aspects of programming languages, design patterns and everything that have a higher level of complexity. His interests goes into areas like development process - Agile, Lean, Scrum and Kanban, and development practices in object oriented programming, unit testing, databases, functional programming, graphics, 3D and more. He has still to learn there is probably a limit somewhere for how much it is possible to do.

Terje has worked with Microsoft technology since the late 80's, and is familiar with a lot of the products made by Microsoft. He has worked with the TFS family since the product appeared. Terje has been running courses, seminars, workshops and speaks, not only at public events, but a lot at internal company events for larger Norwegian companies. He is blogging actively at http://hermit.no

Terje is also very interested in open source development, and works actively with the NUnit project, he is part of the NUnit Core Team - particularly with the Visual Studio Adapters (https://github.com/nunit/nunit3-vs-adapter) (http://github.com/nunit)

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