Textile Street Art

Artist and Crafter in Berlin

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TextileStreetArt is a Berlin-based textile and street artist with works and collective walls seen around Berlin and internationally. Their latest curated work can be seen at Tipsy Bear Bar, member of Berlin PasteUp MeetUp.

This Berlin-based textile artist worked with threads as long as they can remember.

The 2020 lockdown environment led to quiet daily walks throughout the city and a deeper connection to street art. Along the way, what started as a pastime became an exploration into the lacework of tatting and a desire to share the work with everyone. Graffiti and urban art encouraged bringing tatting to the city’s ever-changing walls in a subtle but intricate way.

The hope is that each pattern inspires a conversation, perhaps along with memories of the lace in grandmother’s home, pushing more people to explore the age-old art of tatting while making their own way among the streets of the city. With a true feeling that the art belongs to everyone, people are always encouraged to take the pieces home.