Kate Coveny Hood

An exiled city child turned suburban mother of three, I wage a daily battle against wrinkles, dust, a lack of personal time and the constant arrows that having a special needs child shoots directly into one’s heart. So far the dust and wrinkles are winning, but only because even the best of multi-taskers have their limits.

“A reluctant lemming” who clings to the ledge while others leap into the future ahead of me, I chose June of 2008 to risk the unknown and start my own blog, The Big Piece of Cake. It was originally meant to be “a humor blog.” Since then I’ve lost any semblance of focus. Sometimes I say interesting things…and sometimes I just say things.

I’ve also written about home decor for Style Key West and currently produce the DC Listen to Your Mother show.

In April 2013, I had my first essay published in print for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum, and in July 2013 my Listen to Your Mother 2012 reading, “Stupid,” was featured on Upworthy.com. In April 2014, my 2013 Listen to Your Mother essay, “Turn Signals,” was featured on The Washington Post On Parenting blog and in July 2014, I was interviewed by Sarah R. Bagley for her weekly podcast where we discussed Focusing on What’s Important. In 2015, I’ll have another essay published in Monkey Star Press‘ Mom for the Holidays.