John Ward

Director, Editor, and Filmmaker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Strictly speaking, I'm a documentary film. But I'm also so much more. I am the story a group of music-loving kids in a dying, Pennsylvania coal town whose big, very loud dream rocked on despite their circumstances. I am the story of how a few passionate young people can make a difference; of how something so seemingly small can make a huge impact on the lives of many. I am the story of what used to be, but I am not a sad story. I am the story of the power of music, of dreams, of friendship...I am a story of hope.

I was shot on a micro-budget, exclusively with an iPhone, and by one person: John Vanaskie Ward. I've relied on gut and grit, on the generosity and willingness of others, on sheer determination, on (sometimes-seemingly-blind) luck, and on the belief in my story.

I've been a long, often daunting, frequently entertaining, always interesting, life-expanding, beautifully formidable process. I've been everything I should be.

But I'm not done yet, not even close. I do know what I want to be--and if you ask me, that's a pretty damn good start. It hasn't been easy to reach this point and chances are it's not going to get any easier between here and the finish line. But sometimes...passion trumps circumstance. And just gotta rock.

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