Dindo Mojica

Farmer and Civil Engineer in Maragondon, Philippines

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A Holy Child Devotee (The Santo Nino when he met Him in his life, who changed his life when he encounter difficulties and trials) Practicing Catholic Christian; not a hypocrite one.

(Beware of the Poser/Faker/Scammer pretending to be me on Facebook. I have only one private account on Facebook)

Civil Engineer by Profession; Currently engaged in Farming (Farmer)

Awakened and Enlightened

Aspiring writer. (Sometimes writes Life Stories or even Hugot)

Blogger. Shares inspiring CE review tips via blogs; Blogs about Local travel, history and culture in Cavite (if he has free time)

Aspiring Photographer (using a Point-And-Shoot Camera); Loves to Document Pictures via Flickr.

Goal Digger.

Having a Frank Personality; Hates Hypocrites.

Student of Life

Speculative Builder.

Loves Ancient Wisdom

Loves Philippine History (most especially Dr. Jose Rizal's writings and other Filipino heroes)

Keeper of the Secrets of the Rose and the Cross

Awakened by Reality; Changing his Negativity thoughts about life to Positivity.

A strong individual currently struggling to improve, despite being belittled, being ignored, being betrayed, being taken for granted, being let down by some of his friends, peers, colleagues, and even so called “brothers”, he always MOVE FORWARD and Let GOD be his guide.

  • Work
    • Lecturer - Cavite West Point College
  • Education
    • MEng (Construction Management) - Cavite State University
    • BS Civil Engineering - Cavite State University
    • Bucal National High School