Jorge Alvarado

Public Speaker, Actor, and Dancer in Florida

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Television personality and media correspondent for Eye On South Florida Channel 16 Jorge Alvarado is the host to his own variety talk show on WTTA My TV Tampa Bay, Great 38. With the same style and charisma that characterizes his on and off air personality Jorge injects it all into his creative endeavors. He divides on-air time between probing celebrity interviews , exposing new artists, designers and musicians. " All things fabulous " is the theme and all things fabulous like award shows, red carpet events and music festivals are a definate high light.

Having an extensive career in creative direction, event promotion and community activism, Jorge’s universal appeal and branding strategies continue to grow the show’s audience. His commitment to independent media content creation , his presentations and collaborative efforts have been recognized by the media and other industry professionals but most importantly his audience.

The combination of Alvarado’s creative delivery and the show’s solid format has proven to be successful in reaching a broader and more diverse audience that he always encouraged to use their voice and to create their own opportunities.

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