Fatali, The Light Hunter

Artist, Photographer, and Filmmaker in the Southwest

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lighthunt·er līt/ˈhən(t)ər/ Light, an instrument for healing in its physical beauty and spiritual energy that is all around us. To be a hunter, is chasing faith for connection and reverence, under a spiritually guided meditation for the image capture through nature.

The name "Light Hunter" was given to Fatali by the Navajos back in the early 80's when he first explored and discovered the many now famous slot canyons. These canyons, became his cathedrals of stone, being a sanctuary for solace and healing. This was the beginning to his intimate relationship with the canyons, its people and the Light.


Michael Fatali, aka Light Hunter, was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1965 and was raised in Arizona. His images span a forty-year event of hunting for light through the desert southwest and celebrated as a world’s top landscape photographer. Light Hunter's images are mostly captured using custom large format film cameras and classic darkroom. He has a huge number of art collectors worldwide. Light Hunter's photographic works of art have increased in value and continue to gain appreciation. Light Hunter's images are created each in originals, limited editions and special editions.

He describes the making of his images in this way;

“A language of light, speaking from the heart of land and spirit, was not learned overnight. I have walked, camped, climbed, and hiked for decades, while the entire time I was intimately engaging my relationship with nature, listing, touching, feeling, slowly letter by letter, word by word. I have come to learn a universal language that infuses nature’s physical beauty and spiritual energy, beaming ancient scriptures spoken through light and shadow. As God is the Author of these marvelous passages, we are blessed to experience, I am honored to serve as a visual narrator of this language, and to continue my mission to celebrate Light. Today, I feel my journey has led me full circle; As I have moved back to Arizona, back with my close Native friends, and revisiting my purpose for why I got into photography to begin with...for healing, for sharing my passion and to help others unite with the beauty and power of this land and the lure of its Light. It is my hope to continue to grow as an artist, grow as a person, touch more hearts and to be a better role model for others. It's my honor to share with you, the hope that inspires ways in which to use creativity as your own voice and journey.”


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