Ellen Mulholland

This girl is living life and telling tales. Some are true. Most are not. What stories will you share in a lifetime? Author: "This Girl Climbs Trees", "Birds on a Wire" and soon to be released "Clothed in Flames. ARTIST'S STATEMENT: Everyone has a story to tell. We are the heroes in our own lives’ stories. I like to share the tale of the underdog, the wallflower, the last one picked for dodgeball, the one who watches. I want my characters to learn and grow, but I want them to impact others. My characters teach me so much about the world. BIO: I teach writing and reading strategies to at risk middle school kids. I love my job! I also love to write. I’ve published two YA/MG novels. I like to tell stories that involve self-discovery and self-acceptance. It’s not so easy being a teenager. There are so many stories to tell.