Thizbee Sez

Evolving, Life Adventurer, and Writer in San Diego, California

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Not "sooth-sayer"

But *Truth-Sayer*

Also Animal Tamer and Pet Trainer

.... Occasional babysitter...

While always remembering:

~Lust is an emotion, not a sin~

______________________________________________I I am ~ Polyamorous

I have a far reaching web-like Relationship Network of people in my life: There is honesty with all; but how those relationships manifest, is unique to each.

I am ~ Pansexual

Gender is a spectrum, it is also last on the list of things I care about. (Binary only works in math.)

I am ~ Free Thinking

Instead of blindly accepting any authority, tradition, or religion; I form my own opinions about things like spirituality, sex, and politix.

I am ~ Libertine

I am sexually unrestrained by conventional morality; I choose to go beyond what is "proper" in the standards of our society. However, I uphold my own morality; through clear, direct communication, and negociation.


My Relationship Network has been described as a "web," at which I am the center. But I see *The Web* as a "safety net" for all of us. And like the center of the web, I see myself at the center of the RPG alignment grid.

Lawful Good | Neutral Good | Chaotic Good

Lawful Neutral | **True Neutral** | Chaotic Neutral

Lawful Evil | Neutral Evil | Chaotic Evil

True Neutral is also how I would describe my gender-view, orientation, sexuality, and spirituality.... because (along the never ending journey of learning about myself) I have discovered those things... are really all the *same* thing.


I am ~ True Neutral

Im in the Center of the Web of All Possibilities....


Thizbee Sez:

"The one with the biggest family wins.... if we are all one big family, than we are all winners!"

other shit she sez:

* "self discovery is a daily task"

* "Lying is a hard limit"

* "Spirituality is what you believe in when you are tying not to give up."

* "If you limit yourself, it may very well be you limit me. If you do not know yourself, you may never know me. If you do not like yourself, how can you ask me to? If you are not happy being who you are, I am not sure I can be happy with you"

* And everyone's favorite:

"If you can't talk about it, you shouldn't be doing it!"

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