Thomas Stensitzki


I am Thomas Stensitzki and I work in IT since the days of Windows NT 3.51. My overall "career" in IT started in school with Pascal on CP/M. After programming in Basic on C64 and in Amiga Basic on Amiga 1000 I moved to "the real" stuff and partned with friends to start the internet provider HKN in Duisburg.

Since May 2014 I am the owner and principal of Granikos GmbH & Co. KG which provide enterprise consulting services for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Active Directory and SharePoint.

After starting as a software programmer for .NET (classic ASP.NET, SharePoint and even Dynamics CRM) I switched to the infrastructure side of things and focussed on SharePoint and Exchange. After some time I had to make a decision to either take the red pill or the blue pill. Exchange Server won (guess the color of the pill) and I made my way up to Microsoft Certified Master for Exchange Server 2010.

I do hold various Microsoft certifications which support my knowledge of the Microsoft enterprise technology stack and help me to provide a reliable consulting service. In addition I help implementing the Enow Management Suite since 2010. The solution helps you to monitor and report on your Exchange, Exchange Online, SharePoint, Lync and Active Directory environments.