Tibor Tscheke

Boston Metro

Entrepreneur and experienced international Manager [GM/CEO] (USA, Germany, UK, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Dubai). Pioneer in SGML, XML, Content Lifecycle Management (CLM / CMS). Versed negotiator and dealmaker on corporate level. I have a multicultural background, speak four languages and like to strategize. I am interested in history and society, I really enjoy cooking and above all: I love my family.

My current software project:

www.Ovitas.com : A fantastic team of devoted CMS-WorkFlow-XML software architects, developing the next generation of end2end Content Lifecycle Solutions for demanding customers in Dynamic Publishing.

My current publishing project:

www.ScienceOpen.com: redefining scientific publishing: author/scientist focused, communication focused, research focused; all #OpenAccess, #PublicPostPublicationPeerReview

  • Work
    • Ovitas, ScienceOpen, Ivitas Ventures
  • Education
    • Mathematics & Computer Science