Tunde Krasznai (UCLA)

Pianist and Experienced Music Educator in Los Angeles, California

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Award-winning concert pianist Tunde Krasznai recently spent time at the University of California, Los Angles (UCLA) as a teaching associate for bachelor students. Her role as an educator came as part of a UCLA master’s program, her second master’s program as a performance pianist. In her teaching associate position, Tunde Krasznai led as many as 70 students at a time in courses covering musical selections from the classical era to modern day, while at the same time functioning as an advisor and mentor to multiple students.

During her time as an educator at UCLA, Krasznai also engaged in the university’s Gluck Outreach music therapy program. In her role as a Gluck Outreach solo pianist, she played piano in a number of therapeutic settings for audiences of all ages, highlighted by a performance at the Braille Institute. Beyond her concert performances, she collaborated with a variety of colleagues, such as psychologists, neurologists, and gerontologists, and discussed music therapy and the ability to address physical and mental health issues.

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