Ty Ty Nursery

The Ty Ty Nursery is a successful mail order business focusing on plants. If you are in the market for a tree, bush, or other kind of plant, then the Nursery at TyTy is who you need to contact. Their website is fully built out and allows customers to browse the many options that are available to them. There is also a toll free number available to prospective customers who want to know more. Mail order nursery might seem like a strange business concept, but it is one that has thrived. There is obviously a need for it, and the TyTy Nursery is just trying to fulfill that very real need.

High quality plants are what Ty Ty Nursery is known for developing. They grow all of their own plants and know exactly how to handle them. This means that customers have some guarantee of the quality of the plants and the way in which they have been raised. They also make it exceptionally easy to order the plants. If you want one—pick it out, order it, and wait. It really is that simple when it comes to the Nursery at Ty Ty.

If you are wondering about the name, there is not some cute story behind it. Ty Ty is the name of the town in which the TyTy Nursery is located. Ty Ty is a small city in Tift County, Georgia, and is home to the location of the nursery. Although the city is small, the company's reach is not. It is a company with customers all over the United States. The Nursery at Ty Ty has every kind of plant a customer could want, including nut trees, shade trees, palm trees, fruit trees, flowering trees, shrubs, grapevines, bamboo plants, and flowering bulbs.