Tyler Webb

I'm an aspiring social entrepreneur with experience in the entertainment, fashion, and non-profit sectors. I've ran my own $250K+ revenue company, been a personal chef, and lived as a buddhist monastic. I want to start or work for a company that encourages consumption and appreciation for foreign products and cultures.

I'm currently working for the Tanzania Heritage Project as a Media, legal, and business model consultant. Basically, we're a start up non-proft so I do what needs to get done.

Currently I'm:

1: Helping edit and publish a best of Tanzania album from the Radio Tanzania archives.

2: Taking a lot of photo & video for the THP.

3: I'm currently looking for someone amazing to work for in LA, NYC, or China/Japan/India. Let me know if I look like a good fit.

I am looking for mentors, jobs, and conversations in the social enterprise, media, and technology, and fashion fields. It'd be a pleasure to have a coffee, chai, or a skype call.