Iain Culverhouse

Work :-

I am a stay at home father to a 4 year old son, my partner Sue works full time. Prior to this I spent 7 years in retail and 2 years in Customer Care.

I now spend my time writing for @AllThingsXbox you can view there website http://www.allthingsxbox.com

Play :-

I am a Gamer at heart always have done always will be, I enjoy watching films, spending time with friends and family

I have had the opportunity to visit 2K International Head Office, THQ and Lionhead Studios.

Social Media :-

I am a big twitter fan you can find me @UKVampire I have of February 2013 hit 28,000 tweets

Interests :-

I love Doctor Who, Arsenal FC, Gaming, Music, Films and A Load of Other TV Shows.