US Venture Partners

A successful investment firm with nearly 35 years of experience in the United States, US Venture Partners (USVP) has created more than 100,000 jobs since 1981. The firm has invested in more than 450 companies in the information technology and health care sectors, adopting a consistent investment approach designed to build corporate value and maximize returns in the long run. Whereas other firms leave venture investing, US Venture Partners remains particularly dedicated to its approach, giving it a unique opportunity to create valuable companies.

Over the years, USVP has paid careful attention to global trends among the major industries in the United States. In addition to the mobilization and virtualization of computing, USVP has focused on the increased consumer demand for IT products and backed business with differentiated offerings that follow those trends. The firm also stays abreast of the latest advances in the big data analytics field, which has potential for a diverse array of consumer and enterprise applications.