Michelle L. Marcicki / Unity Integration Studios

Entrepreneur, Pilates/Fitness Instructor, and Health, Wellness & Self-Care Consultant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Unity Integration Studios

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~ Pilates Instructor/Fitness Professional
-->NEW Intro to Pilates Workshop Series & classes this summer!
Contact details on FB page for more info & to register for classes!

~ Vegan/Vegetarian trainer/coach
(Vegan ~25+yrs
Currently developing transitioning to Vegan/Vegetarian workshops/programs)!

~ Weight/(Personal) Trainer
~ Model (fitness, hair, alternative)
~ Massage Therapist (CMT)

~ Social Media+IT (Computer Programming/DB Design Bkgd)
~ Customer Service+Marketing Trainer/Manager

~ ARBONNE Independent Consultant+Sponsor ID: 115473782
-->Personal ARBONNE Website: http://bit.ly/Arbonne_MMarcicki

Pure. Safe. Beneficial.
ⓥ VEGAN Certified (35+ yrs)

ARBONNE Profile:
(More about me, my businesses, my vegan lifestlye, & WHY Arbonne-Updated 2015) : http://bit.ly/Arbonne_MMarcicki_Profile
-->Contact me direct for orders/product info!

Discount Info:
~ Reg. Discounts of 20-35% (+40-50% OFF on "pkgs") avail.
~Special Discounts of 10-80% also avail.

Product Lines:
Skin-Care: Womens/Mens (Anti-Aging) | Teens/Kids+Acne Care Line | Baby Care | SunScreen/Sun Protection | Bath+Body+Hair Care | Spa+AromaEssentials+Massage | Cosmetics: Makeup/Professional/MUA Lines |
Health+Wellness: Vitamins+Nutrition+Fitness+Certified Sport Performance | Seasonal+SPECIALS+MORE!

-->Personal Shopping Parties (On-line, In-person)+Group Parties+Fundraisers Avail!

Some key areas I'm often asked about..

Health in heart, mind, body, and soul...
Be inspired! Find Your Passions! Live Your Dreams! Inspire Others!

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    • Unity Integration Studios
  • Education
    • Simon Fraser University
    • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
    • Mount Royal University
    • University of Calgary