Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D.

Supportive Approach to Psychological Counseling in Rockville, Maryland

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Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D., is a Rockville, Maryland, psychologist with more than three decades of experience providing personalized, problem-solving orientation in individual, couple and family therapy. Areas of interest include children, Anxiety, Depression, parenting issues, Bipolar Disorder, computer addiction. Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D., has extensive experience assisting patients in Internet and sexual addiction.

Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D., was born and raised in Israel and gained early training as an economist. Possessing a passion for helping others, he subsequently redirected his efforts toward psychology and pursued doctoral studies at the University of Maryland. His experience extends to a role as a certified school psychologist, and he has practiced neuro-linguistic programming. Dr. Ben-Ami is an avid reader who enjoys works by authors ranging from Eric Fromm to Ann Tyler. A classical music enthusiast, he is particularly drawn to composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Modest Mussorgsky. He has also traveled extensively to locales across Europe, including Greece and Spain.

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