Dr. Elhanan Gazit

Keynote speaker, Advisor, and Entrepreneur in Israel

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Hello, I'm Elhanan Gazit (PhD), a Ludologist, keynote speaker, consultant, entrepreneur, mentor. I study gaming, metaverse, and emerging technologies. I help people implement game thinking for business and personal growth.
I have developed a gameful mindset for problem-solving and creativity. I advise how to create immersive and engaging experiences based on my vast academic and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. I share my insights and analysis through my website, podcast, newsletter, and courses. I consult clients and partners from various sectors and industries (managers, organizations, brands, and startups) to design and develop gamified apps and products that increase the motivation and retention of users.

I help you apply game-thinking principles and techniques to various domains and challenges, such as gaming, marketing, education, eHealth, social impact, and entrepreneurship. I speak at events and conferences worldwide to captivate and educate audiences with my talks and stories. I inspire and empower you to follow your dreams and change the world with the gameful mindset powers.

If you want to learn more about game thinking and how it can help you, I invite you to visit my website, subscribe to my podcasts and newsletters, and enroll in my master class workshop. You can also contact me directly and schedule a consultation with me. I would love to hear from you and work with you on your projects.

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