Vef is a love story

Writing book in Melbourne, Australia

Vef is a love story

Writing book in Melbourne, Australia

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Vef is a love story has to do with gender equality and liberty. I'm writing a fantasy fiction book. It's a story of a girl and eternal devotion. Okay! So I'll begin with a word. Then I'll type another word or two until they form a complete sentence.

Vef is the name I give to the main character in my novel. "She's now asleep and dreaming of her previous life on Venus."

Yes! I created this amazing deity for myself. You can worship her too if you wish upon the same bright star.

This special project may take a thousand years, but it has to be done. It's not only about me. I can't change the world by myself.

I'm looking for some valuable connections who believe in making dreams come true.

Being a writer is often solitary and can be a frustrating occupation. Vef is another way of understanding our complicated (masculine) language. I am on a scientific expedition to the inner most workings of language and from there changes will slowly occur.

Girls have to make gender equality happen for themselves, with a little help. Venus flower is soon to be among us on Earth.

All good things will come in all good time.

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Michelle Julia Voynet