Vese Vesela Bogdanovic


12 year Primary school teacher, work with 5,6 and 7 year old kids in a small village in Macedonia. Author on over 200 kids educational movies who are like an encyclopedia of fun and educational content. For kids, teachers, students, parents.This project is like an open window through which you can follow our work and learn with us. 24/7 learning opportunity-Creating free web resources for fun and easy learning (kids movies, stories, worksheets, мethods, techniques ) The materials which are in Macedonian are the first of its kind in the country and are invaluable for all the primary and preschool teachers. Teachers can see various examples of activities, curricula, methods, techniques, worksheets, ideas in teaching young children.Thanks to the internet even younger children (3-5) that live in rural areas where’s no kindergartens can learn with us and their parents from home. Even sick children in hospitals can see us and learn. The most important thing for me is to make the children happy. They are my little but important partners, colleagues, and creators of the teaching process.

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