Vickens Moscova

Project Manager, Student, and Consultant in New York

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Vickens Moscova is host of the syndicated #OmnipresenceMedia Podcast on #BlogTalkRadio. He is also social media consultant working in New York City. Vickens facilitates networking opportunities for both existing talent and upcoming artists. His experiences has allowed him to work with a variety of professionals in acting (Denzel Washington, America Ferrara, Drake, Jay-Z, Spike Lee) and fashion (Mattieu Ethan, DramatikFanatic, Sachika Twins). He creates content, video, interviews, and blogs to keep his audience informed and aware of the latest shows, collaborations, and collections.

He acted and modeled professionally and has travelled promoting brands around the world (The Glades, AETV, 24 Hour Cat Walk, Cypress Hill, The Furious 5, Hot 97).

One of his goals is to provide access to his network of contacts so that brands, businesses and talent can gain visibility and maintain interest in events, appearances, and new projects.

Mediation, website consulting and analysis, writing/blogging, social media integration, marketing, branding and identity, non-profit/for-benefit, video production consultation

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