Vicky Duncalf

Filmmaker, Writer, and Social Media Manager in Cheshire, Chester, UK

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Hello there,

Vicky Video at your service. I'm a space sector video blogger and I make marketing videos that get results. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster year on year than those who don't, so if there's an area of your space business you would like to increase dramatically, we should be talking.

My videos are different from other corporate videos: because I'm presenter, voice over and marketer in one package, you get a personality fronting your brand, which helps grow trust and authority with your target market. So much corporate video is generic and passive, but having a lively presenter with fire in her eyes could be the difference between a video with a few hundred views or tens of thousands.

I can help with bringing dry, technical products to life - why write pages of dry technical spec when a one-minute explainer video can persuade your potential customers to take action much more effectively?

Explainer videos, product demos, how-to videos, staff bios, recruitment videos, behind-the-scenes, thought leadership - anything in your business can be captured and turned into entertaining content - content that will connect and resonate with your target market, and hopefully turn them into loyal customers.

For the past twenty years I've worked in marketing, broadcasting and media - I'm a content writer by trade, but lately I've been following my IKIGAI - this is a Japanese word where career and passion collides. And my passion is space, astronomy and astrophysics, with a special soft spot for radio astronomy.

There are thousands of corporate video companies out there, but to my knowledge, I'm the only person making and presenting these kind of marketing videos in the space sector.

According to my GCSE Astronomy lecturer, I am the 'astronomical video creator of choice across the cosmos.' I'll take that.

I turn your USPs into entertainment. Should we be talking?


Contact: 07798 736646

[email protected]

PS I still make local marketing videos, but just lately I've had a real desire to get into space. And being as I don't like centrifuges, migrating my marketing business into the space sector will probably be the closest I get.

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