Victor B Anthony Hoboken

Victor B. Anthony holds nearly a decade of experience in his career as a financial analyst. Currently residing in Hoboken, New Jersey, he contributes to equity research projects at Lazard Capital Markets. His work focuses on assessing media and entertainment industry players and their equity offerings. Prior to joining his current employer, he served six years as an Associate Director at The Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. in New York City. Recognized for his superior stock picking abilities, he notably achieved the status of the firm’s top performer in December 2007. Working extensively with Internet equity research projects, he evaluated Bankrate, Inc., among others, as a Senior Analyst. Victor B. Anthony also contributed to media equity research with a concentration in satellite communications. A graduate of The Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University, Victor B. Anthony earned his undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science in May 1994. After completing studies in computer technology and software development at Columbia University, he earned his Master of Business Administration at the University of Rochester’s Simon Graduate School of Business. His professional qualifications include several licenses. Early in his career, Victor B. Anthony gained extensive experience serving as Senior Actuarial Analyst at Group Health Incorporated and Regional Manager of Medical Economics at CIGNA. Having worked in the Tri-State area for 16 years, he enjoys making his home in Hoboken. Beyond his professional interests, Victor B. Anthony keeps active in Hoboken by running and sailing.