Branded content distributor Vidicom offers a deep suite of options for digital and broadcast distribution. One of its most wide-reaching offerings involves the creation of live video content to be broadcast via satellite around the country. Vidicom calls the package a satellite media tour (SMT). Its tours involve comprehensive promotion, beginning with B-roll creation and pitching and ending with promotion via Vidicom’s InteracTV and other services, such as monitoring of airtime on booked stations and websites.

For clients more interested in reaching a targeted Internet audience than a traditional broadcast one, Vidicom also offers web media tours (WMTs). Its WMTs take some of the features that have made its SMTs successful, like celebrity and expert involvement, and recast them to create successful online campaigns. A WMT typically involves in-studio interviews with bloggers and web editors, Skype interviews, and segments of recorded videos. Vidicom’s team performs immediate post-production work on the interviews so that bloggers and editors can upload them on the same day that they are performed. Each Vidicom WMT targets specific websites, including those of well-known print publications.

Throughout its history, Vidicom has built its business and staked its reputation on innovation. The company helped develop new distribution markets in taxis and airplanes and was the first to adapt video and broadcast technology to fashion shows. In addition to moving forward with its previous successes, the company continues to create new methods of branded content distribution, including interactive live programming that links brands and consumers directly. To find out more about Vidicom and its distribution offerings, visit