Vijay Sharma

Researcher, Designer, and Data Scientist in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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I worked as research enngineer IC design for SOCs (System on chip) used in HDD/SSD storage devices at Semiconductor Solutions Division of LSI Corporation (An Avago Technology company). I have five US patents filed in the field of DFT - ASIC Design and all have been granted. The patents can be found at [click here]

Also, with training in Theoretical physics, I am independently researching on topics in String Theory related to Mirror Symmetry, Khovanov Homology, Gromov Witten Invariants and Yang Mills Theory. Currently, I am trying to establish the connection between GW invariants with Knot polynomials and working on my research problem. For posts related to my research kindly visit my blog. I am also managing product section of Riyaaz, Org.