Virginia Hamori-Ota

Virginia Hamori-Ota is an accomplished educator and expert in the fields of higher education and corporate development. While completing her Ph.D. in Higher Education at the University of Michigan, Ms. Hamori-Ota received a fellowship from the Spencer Foundation. The Spencer Foundation is dedicated to the development of education and related research, a commitment that Ms. Hamori-Ota shares.

Virginia Hamori-Ota has been a dedicated educator for over 20 years. She received a Teaching Excellence Award from Indiana University, where she earned her Master of Arts in French and Linguistics. She went on to direct The American Language Institute at the American University of Paris, where she supervised instructors and launched a teacher training program in TESOL. More recently, she served as an Instructional Consultant at the University of Michigan, where she was responsible for observing professors in the classroom and delivering mid-term student feedback to assist them in improving their courses. She is currently working with newly hired faculty at the University of Michigan-Flint to observe their classrooms and offer feedback.

Virginia Hamori-Ota is also involved in linguistics within the corporate sphere, serving as a corporate trainer and accent coach in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, area. Ms. Hamori-Ota provides both virtual and blended sessions and pre- and post-training assessments.

In the course of her career, Virginia Hamori-Ota has worked in Tokyo, Japan; Paris and Strasbourg, France; as well as throughout the American Midwest. Abroad, Ms. Hamori-Ota has provided both educational and administrative support for English-language learners. As a teacher of French and accent reduction, Ms. Hamori-Ota understands the unique needs of language learners and is committed to the highest level of cultural and language learning.