Designer and Hardcore Gamer in North Carolina

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Kenny 'Voison' Gordon.

27 years old.

North Carolina.

Tree of Savior : Voison (Klaipeda)

Battle.net: Voison#1631

Gamer since 92' (NES, SNES)

Playing MMOs since 01'.

♫ EDM, Electronica, Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, JRock.

I enjoy Cooking, watching movies, & graphic arts.

I've played too many MMOs to list them here.

I play normally a healer/support in MMOs.

I like the color purple & foxes. ^. .^

I love old school RPGs & JRPG.

I enjoy watching eSports.

I've done PR / Social Media work for a lot of gaming organizations. Graphic Designer as well! I get around. ;)