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Social Media Marketing is what brings it all together. It's what ties your work to your community and to your Home Buying and Selling clientele. It's important that you have a presence out there online! People are looking for your Real Estate Services.... online. You want to be there when they come looking.

It's also often the last thing Realtors have time for. The last thing on your list - to squeeze in after you've gone to all the meetings, walked the neighborhoods and went to the networking groups. Not to mention showed some houses and written up contracts!

How to fit in one more thing!?

This is why I am here and why I started Voiyoo. I'd like to help you. To get your Social Media Marketing closer to the top of the to do list. Because it's important. It can be a vital tool to growing your business and your following. Don't put it at the bottom any more!

I'd like to help you work your Social Media Marketing into your daily marketing repertoire. Let's grow your presence and stay in your client's mind. Because more people in your corner means more home sales for people looking for a new house!If you're looking to build your social media presence or improve your content and social media routine, I can help you increase and manage that.

Focusing on Social Media needs specifically for Realtors enables me to speak your language and know your business intimately. Whether you are just getting started and want some help setting up your Social Media Platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or if you've been doing your own Social Marketing for a while and are ready to hand it off. Let me help you with that.

Or maybe you'd like assistance with your Content Creation: Platform Posting, Blogging and Newsletter Marketing. I have years of experience writing for blogs and newsletters - I can help you with this area of your marketing as well.

While I am located in Florida, I am able to work with anyone in America remotely. It's easy to stay in touch through texting and email as well as through routine phone calls.

Jennifer Ressmann has graduated from the Social Media Manager School.


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