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Born in St Paul, Minnesota I was raised a Roman Catholic and a Nordic Ski Jumper From Age 5. Mother German & Father Dane, I'm 50/50 And I learned To Ski Jump In Areas Such As The Hills Overlooking The Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium. Later Moved To Montana And Traveled Extensively Ski Jumping Throughout The U.S. And Canada Participating In The CanAm Games And National Championships 5 Times With The Longest Standing Ride At The Last Nationals. I Was Asked To Be On The U.S. Special Ski Jumping Squad Which I Turned Down To Enter College. Yes, Sometimes I do Regret Doing That, As I Was Known To Be A Long Distance Jumper, But I Have A Whole Bunch Of Wonderful Memories.

I skied with Norway's National Ski Jumping Champion Oyvind Torp When Attending College, Where I Earned Almost 2 Degrees, One In Engineering, And Almost Another In Sociology. In The Northern Conference, I Out Jumped Hall Of Famer Jan Stenerud's Old Hill Record, Who Was Then Kicking For The Kansas City Chiefs. Jan Was First A Ski Jumper From Norway, Who Was Awarded A Scholarship To Come To The U.S.A. To Both Ski And Place Kick. The Universities Liked The Ski Jumpers From Norway For Their Leg Strength And That Is Why Both Jan And Oyvind Became Well Known Place Kickers

Stenerud was born in Fetsund, Norway and grew up playing hockey and soccer. His true talent, though, was as a competitor in one of Norway's national sports - ski jumping. In the early 1960's, Jan finished sixth in the Norwegian Junior Nationals. He was a promising jumper, but the young Stenerud's life would take a detour through Montana.

Oyvind And I Battled Back And Forth That Day On Jan's Old Hill Record, Where Finally Oyvind With A Two Hands Dragging Just Out Jumped Jan's & My First Short Lived Hill Record. I had One More Jump Left, Where I could Reset The Hill Record In My Favor. So down The Inrun I went And I Hit The Takeoff With Everything I had, In The Air I Realized I was Heading For The Flats 'Out Jumped The hill', I Stuck Out My Arms & Tried To Lean Back To Pull Out Of A Devastating Situation. I Ended That Day With A Cuncussion And Several Days Of Observation. Oyvind Gave Me His Crash Helmet From Norway.


From Landnámabók, Íslendingasögur, and Snorri's Heimskringla:

(witch-breaker, exorcist)

Political Vel Craft

[from Old Norse vel craft;]

(cf. O.N. vel "trick, craft, fraud," vela "defraud").