Waahid Azizuddin

New York, NY

Though he grew up in the immensely popular and acclaimed city of Los Angeles, home of the phrase "West coast is the best coast", Waahid decided to take his talents eastward to the city of New York to attend New York University. He recently graduated from the Steinhart school with a Bachelors of Science in Media, Culture, & Communications.

After his legendary move to the aforementioned Empire City, he sought out experiences like none ever seen before and spent two semesters abroad. In Prague, Czech Republic, he experimented with the local cuisines and nightlife throughout Europe & North Africa. In Buenos Aires, Argentina he feasted on locally grown steak meat & frequented South America's greatest vineyards. He currently resides in the slums that are the East Village, a stone's throw from the infamous St. Marks Place.

As a recent grad he is pursuing a career in all things digital/mobile, with an emphasis on analytics, ad operations, and campaign management.

Things that interest him: sport in the form of basketball & football (in particular, the recent decade-long dominance of the Los Angeles Lakers), social media, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reruns, cooking extravagant meals, Aziz Ansari stand-up comedy, travel, & mexican food that lives up to Californian standards.