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Walt Karmolinski

Consultant, Artist, and Writer in Falls Church, Virginia

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My aim is to enable people to help themselves. I'm a "teach them how to fish" kinda guy. The most valuable piece of information in my possession is that time is more valuable than money or love because it constrains both. Therefore, if you want to be really happy, day in and day out, schedule your time consistent with what matters most to you.

When you do this you, I'll put money down that you will be happy (or at least happier). If, or shall I say, when you do not, someone else will schedule your time according to what matters most to them and you probably will not be as happy (Think Monday morning blues). Do you see how you structure your happiness day in and day out? Take control of your life. Deliberately control your schedule or it will control you. Timing really is everything.

  • Work
    • Self-Employed
  • Education
    • 2 yrs of college
    • And ...I read a lot too.