Wayne Schepens

veteran IT engineer in Severna Park, Maryland

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Mr. Wayne J. Schepens has been a detail oriented engineer for over 15 years. Wayne Schepens received his professional engineering license from the Commonwealth of Virginia and holds advanced degrees in the engineering field. Wayne Schepens studied Civil Engineering at the Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University and earned his Master of Science degree in 1998. Prior to his graduate work in engineering, Wayne Schepens attended the State University of New York Maritime College where he took his Bachelor of Science diploma in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Wayne Schepens also obtained a Certified 3rd Assistant Engineer’s License from the United States Coast Guard.

Apart from his deep knowledge of engineering, Wayne Schepens is an adept executive. Wayne Schepens has a proven track record of managing complex projects and challenging personnel reporting to him in an effective manner. Mr. Wayne Schepens leverages his professional experiences and technical knowledge toward his current position at WayneWright Construction and WayneWright Designs. Mr. Wayne Schepens founded both of these eponymous firms and serves as Owner of WayneWright Construction and WayneWright Designs. A talented entrepreneur, Wayne Schepens worked diligently to earn over $1M in revenue for WayneWright Industries in their first year of operation.

Wayne Schepens has previously worked as an educator, author and public speaker. Wayne Schepens has worked as a Nuclear Test Engineer at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia and was also a Test Engineering Instructor in this role. Wayne Schepens went on to work for Envisions Inc. where he worked as an Electrical Engineer. Wayne Schepens later served as a Systems Test Engineer at the Dahlgren Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia. In this role, Wayne Schepens was responsible for computerized interface for the Advanced Tomahawk Weapons Control System. Mr. Wayne Schepens enjoys reading and coaching baseball in his free time.

Wayne Schepens is Managing Director of LaunchTech Communications in Baltimore, MD.