Raphaelle O'Neil

Writer, Public Speaker, and Project Manager in New Orleans

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Raphaelle O'Neil dishing out hard core WeatherTruth, here. I’m a climate engineering awareness activist, a weather modification historian, and an exposer of weaponized weather technology as it is used today to push a globalist agenda, via a very controlled industry narrative. I am the one who proved beyond any doubts that weather IS weaponized, when I discovered that DOPPLER RADAR STEERS the STORMS in the midst of the 2017 Hurricane Season!!

I also love dancing and have done much theater & performance art, over the years and even lately and support myself as an LMT. I’m very interested in getting back into gardening, but for now am busy rolling out the REwritten history of the last hundred years, as it needs to be told to account for how Doppler weaponized microwaves have come to steer our waters & storms, leaving us in a World of Hot Water today.

You can view the documentary series' playlist with a click on the button above... because what you DON'T know, can and has been used against you, and only the weather TRUTH can set you FREE!!


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