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Raphaelle O'Neil dishing out hard core WeatherTruth, here!

While as a guerilla journalist who studied climate engineering & weather modification history & reality, I made a major discovery that proves weather is weaponized beyond all doubts and is being used today to push forward a globalist agenda for industry which is attempting to run away with and control the climate change/global warming narrative.

This discovery exposed that our hydrological cycle is 100% hacked & hijacked and has lead to some incredible, mind-blowing, life-altering research, forcing us to go back in history over a 100 years, to learn, correct and retell it to account for how Doppler Radar came to steer & Evaporate our waters & storms, leaving us in a "World of Hot Water" today.

You can view the documentary series' playlist with a click on the button above... because the weather truth you DON'T know, can and has been used against you, and only learning this weather TRUTH can set you FREE!!

We must hold science & industry accountable to themselves and reality with the TRUE "sustainability" narrative, not the fake one! And for that only 100% WeatherTruth can achieve that!


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