Wendy Day

Wendy Day founded the not-for-profit Rap Coalition in March of 1992, out of disgust for the way urban artists are unfairly exploited in the music industry. Wanting to shift the balance of power to favor the artists, Wendy dumped her life savings (selling her condo, her stocks and bonds, and her BMW) into starting the advocacy organization to support, educate, protect, and unify hip hop artists and producers--in other words, to keep artists from getting jerked. She began listening to rap music as a fan in the early 1980s, and turned her passion for rap music into a career in the music business. Since 1992, both Wendy Day and Rap Coalition has impacted the urban music industry by helping, for free, thousands of artists, DJs, and producers individually, as well as through monthly panel discussions, seminars, demo listening sessions, cipher sessions, showcases, and fair deal negotiations.

Today, Wendy Day:

breaks unfairly oppressive contracts (pulling artists out of bad deals with record labels, production companies, and managers)

teaches the business side of the music industry to thousands of artists and industry hopefuls from around the country through websites, conferences, webinars, and a book series

consults with and helps build regional and national independent urban record labels so artists can regain control of their own art form

Wendy has worked with a veritable Who's Who of the music industry: Eminem, Master P's No Limit, Cash Money Records, David Banner, Twista, Do Or Die, Rock City, Slick Rick, Fiend, C-Murder, BloodRaw, Young Buck, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, BG, Juvenile, Hot Boyz, Big Tymers, TMI Boyz, Ras Kass, Cormega, and many others...

Wendy Day has just published her first book in a series of affordable music industry How-To manuals called The Knowledge To Succeed: How To Get A Record Deal.