Victor Belozyorov

JavaScript Engineer, Front-End Architect, and Release Engineer in Москва, Россия

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Favorite Quotes:

- "Foxes never quit"​ ©

- "You must learn something new everyday"​ ©

I am looking for ways to grow professionally and apply my knowledge to the Web. Since that time I am greatly skilled at JavaScript, UI Architecture, and automatization of development processes. Also now I am growing as IT Architect and trying himself in 3D Modeling.

I love my way, for It helps me to collect, systemize and generate new, time-tested practical knowledge and supports the research spirit in me.

Key Interests:

- JS, NodeJS, and Go

- Web Architecture

- Automatization building and development processes

- Best Practices and Web Standards

- Web Security

- High-loaded and modern web applications

- New professional relationships

Other Interests:

- AI

- 3D Modeling

- Epic / Emotional Music

- Investments

- Science

- Sport

- Anime (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comedy, Action, and etc.)

- Video Games (League of Legends, Terraria, and etc.)

- Virtual Travels

Books and links for professional reading:



- Please read all the information I have provided in my profiles. It will help save your time

- Professional and human ethics are important

- Focused on big projects with permanent remote jobs

- If you can not and do not want to work as a team; if you do not want to change the current management system of project development to find a balance between efficiency and productivity - I am not your choice

- If I am not allowed to learn, or assist in the evolution of projects - I am not your choice

  • Education
    • Bauman Moscow State Technical University