Wojciech Odrobina

Consultant, Architect, and Writer in Ireland

Wojciech Odrobina

Consultant, Architect, and Writer in Ireland

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Wojciech Odrobina- With masters in Architecture and Urban Design, Wojciech Odrobina is known for his new-age design skills.So if you are looking to have a better idea about the concept of urban design, then he is indeed the right authority on the same as he has 20 years of expertise in architecture and construction and has seen the paradigm shift taking place from the conventional designs to the more resident-centric urban designs.

Wojciech Odrobina longford-What is architecture design?

Although when we think of the word design, other branches come to mind, such as fashion design, graphic design and web design, there is a very important and influential branch for our society, and it is the design of architecture, also known As architectural design.

But what is architecture design specifically? We can imagine buildings, giant sculptures outside cities and skyscrapers, but the design of the architecture is not limited to that. It is much more than that concise and summarized concept. We are talking about a whole branch of art and design, whose definition and analysis we will see below, for your perfect understanding and knowledge.

Architecture design definition and analysis

We can understand to understand by architecture design (also known as architectural design) the task in charge of covering the needs and satisfying the demand to create habitable spaces for human beings. It is not limited to a technological sense, but also includes the aesthetic side, so important and influential in people's lives. If we divide its name in two, we can further analyze the definition of architecture design-

Wojciech Odrobina Carrick On Shannon

Experience in design and work on a wide variety of projects including private homes, housing estates, residential buildings, hotels and multi-level car parks. Experience working on a mix of medical projects (Centre of dialysis’s, operating theatres), commercial projects (car showrooms) and sports facilities (gymnasiums).

If you are looking for urban design solutions for your hotel or housing estates then Wojciech Odrobina is indeed one of the best persons to handle your project or give you guidance that's purely meant to make your life easier and better.

Architecture and urban planning Urban planning is a discipline very close to architecture and is responsible for the understanding, conceptualization and improvement of cities.