Yael Respler

A long-time advice columnist for the Jewish Press, Dr. Yael Respler has practiced psychotherapy in Brooklyn, New York, since 1981. Offering family and marital counseling, she also devotes a significant portion of her practice to singles preparing for marriage. After years of providing patients with advice on dating issues, Dr. Yael Respler enjoys a reputation for marrying off over 100 singles. Additionally, Dr. Respler coordinates several marital workshops each year and leads Shalom Bayis, or marital harmony, groups dedicated to married women. She also serves as a regular guest speaker for the group Mothers of Multiples. In addition to sharing her knowledge within the greater New York area, Dr. Respler has traveled to Switzerland, Canada, and across the United States to speak professionally. Each summer, she also hosts a radio show on Thunder 102.1 out of New York's Catskill Mountains. Aired at 10 o'clock on Sunday evening, she discusses a range of psychology-related topics. With specific training in cognitive behavioral therapy, Dr. Yael Respler has counseled patients on a number of issues ranging from anger management to weight loss. Dr. Respler also holds certification in hypnotherapy and regularly uses hypnosis to help patients overcome phobias and addiction. Dr. Yael Respler earned her Master's degree from Yeshiva University. She later obtained a PhD, writing her dissertation about Orthodox couples and therapy to help the intimate marital relationship. Dr. Respler found that these couples do better with Orthodox therapists, because they understand their values and can work around any cultural resistance to discussing issues.

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