Protect Your Home

Installer in Indianapolis, Indiana

Protect Your Home

Installer in Indianapolis, Indiana

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In today’s home security landscape, it can feel like the most useful solutions are expensive and super high-tech. Fortunately, budget-conscious homeowners can improve safety with a simple technology that’s been a proven success for ages: the peephole. It's a good idea to install a peephold between your garage and home, too. Check out this check list of garage security tips for more info.

Why install a peephole?

Of all security technologies in use today, few have stood the test of time like the peephole. Allowing you to see who’s at the door without revealing your presence or requiring that you open the door, this simple device delivers security, protection and peace of mind, all through the use of two lenses.

Select a peephole

The type of peephole you choose can make a big difference in your ability to see who is on the other side of your front door. Unlike vintage peepholes which offer only a view of what’s directly in front of it, newer models offer a wide ­angle view of the entire area. Some models offer a distortion-free view of the area without the fish­eye effect of standard models. Be sure to select an option that will allow you to see outside the door without providing any hiding spots or limiting your ability to see clearly.

Set the height

Selecting the proper location for your peephole is important in allowing everyone to see outside. The easiest way to determine where to place it is to simply stand in front of the door, eyes straight ahead, and mark the spot you see comfortably with a pencil. The height of the peephole should be set so that the shortest family member can use it. Another option is to place two peepholes, one at an adult height and one for children.

Drill the hole

Begin by measuring the diameter of the peephole sleeve. This way you’ll avoid drilling a hole in your door that’s too large or too small. Select a hole saw with a pilot bit in the middle and center it on the mark you made earlier. Start slow and hold the drill steady as to not create a crooked hole. Once you’ve reached the other side of the door, stop drilling as soon as possible to prevent splintering.


Simply take the two sides of your peephole and stand with the door open in order to attach them. The fit should be snug and the peephole itself should be attached firmly to prevent the pieces from falling out and providing free access to burglars. Use the peephole any time someone comes to the door or if you suspect that someone may be lurking outside. Now your family can