Zac Gandara

Chief Subversive Officer in Capitol Hill Seattle Washington

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With BA's in both Theology and Leadership Zac has spent almost 2 decades leading in religious corporations.

After kidney failure, two years as a dialysis patient, and then a recipient of a kidney transplant. He began to center his focus on the teachings and life of Jesus and became disillusioned with institutional Christianity. This desire for deeper followership of Jesus, a passion for community and neighborhood development in urban settings, he founded the non-profit Love is not Lost Communities which looks to build community through neighborhood life and service.

Zac is an avid writer, writing for his own blog, various blog conglomerates, community news sites, and magazines.

His passion for serving those that lead, and seeing organizational cultures transformed, lead him to be on the team at Excellent Cultures. Excellent Cultures desires to see joy in their clients lives, passion in their work, unity in their teams, and success in their business. Zac serves as the Media Director, hosting a weekly radio program and podcast, as well as writing business culture change curriculum and online content.

The love in Zac's life is his wife Jen of twelve years. He enjoys antiques, art, music, baseball, shopping, dining, city life, movies, reading, dogs, volunteering in his community and most importantly Star Trek.

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