Zachary Hunter

Writer, Musician, and Artist in Phoenix, Arizona

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Respectfully and Delicately Yours,

I am a mentally creative somewhere on the spectrum kind of guy. I certainly know I have my weaknesses along with many strengths to better myself along the way.

I do not have much college education but I am a quick learner, a good gamma flow mentality. Besides, how much college does anyone end up using when hardcore training is still needed to start employment anyways.

I seriously think proficiency aptitude tests are all thats needed for specialized employment. Will someone be capable of completing training and being a professional asset @ desired employment? Credentials should not be a priority unless someone needs further education when specific skill barrier presents itself.

I'm offering my skills as freelance short term employment. I'm completely broke and recovering from health issues. I am an Artist, Drummer, Writer and more...I'm well rounded in general.

email: [email protected]

Phone: 602-796-9292