Zain Sabahat

InfoSec. Researcher | Penetration Tester | Bug Bounty Hunter in Pakistan

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I'm Zain Sabahat, a 17-year-old Student, Ethical Hacker and Information Security Researcher currently living in Pakistan.

I'm an independent Information Security consultant and researcher with over 2+ years of expertise in Networks and Web Pentesting. Apart from professional experience, have a deep passion and diligence for hacking, finding new bugs and vulnerabilities.
Acknowledged By: Google, Microsoft, Dell, SAP, Intel, Nokia, Eset, eBay and many others(See Honours&Awards Section of my LinkedIn Profile).

Having work knowledge in reputed fields like:
- Web App Penetration Testing
- Network Penetration Testing
- Mobile App Penetration Testing
- Bug Hunting
- Risk Management
- Security Consultancy
- Security Research

Information Security, Penetration Testing, Exploit Development, Blockchain Technology

Kindly check Honours&Awards Section of my LinkedIn Profile

  • Education
    • Punjab college of Information Technology